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Down to earth

Inspired by the pure nature of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, POWDERHORN creates authentic outdoor clothing with the aim of combining comfort, functionality and longevity.

Teton Mountain with buffalo

Our heritage

POWDERHORN was established in 1972 by John Horn and was born with the goal of introducing a new breed of ski mountaineering outerwear and gear.

On his parent’s farm, he began producing down vests with unique Western leather patches, knowing that they provided a greater level of comfort and durability.

Founded in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, POWDERHORN was largely inspired by the dramatic Teton mountain range. Widely known as one of the most rugged and authentic areas for skiers and mountaineers, the ski slopes of Jackson served as the perfect testing grounds for sturdy and reliable gear.

Looking at the Teton Mountain

The early line of products included down jackets, storm parkas, sleeping bags, packs, and even climbing hardware. The Jackson Hole Ski Patrol wore POWDERHORN’s signature down jackets with their recognizable Western yokes as their patrol uniforms for several years. They became patrol favorites and many were worn long after being officially retired from their uniform duty. POWDERHORN’s rich history and ties to the early pioneers of Teton skiing has remained an integral part of the brand since day one.

Jackson Hole skilift

Our Values

POWDERHORN quickly earned a reputation for making outerwear that was trusted in the elements yet easily transitioned to the mountain lifestyle. The signature Western yoke became the brand’s calling card and is still evident in our authentic apparel collection today.

Man and Woman walking

Our design is timeless, modern and pays homage to the days when pristine ski slopes, rugged mountains and an everyday lifestyle went hand in hand. By combining this design with the latest fabric and construction technologies, our outerwear obtains its unique versatile character.

Lifestyle Walk in the river

Being close to nature, we draw inspiration and innovation from the place where it all started, in Jackson Hole and the legendary Teton Range. Our product portfolio is not influenced by short-lived fashion; it is timeless, self-assured and down to Earth.

Buffalo breath